Why ? You ask

Growing up I was kind of peculiar, I guess, in that I was constantly listening to records and rearranging my bedroom furniture. Perhaps because they thought I spent too much time in my room, my parents always told me, “Billy, you can never have too many friends”. So, I have always been an extrovert who gets bored with his surroundings rather easily.  Today, people I’ve never met invite me into their homes to discuss how they can improve upon their living space. Of course, I want to be sure they are comfortable with me if we’re going to work together. So, the extrovert takes over and we get to talking about our kids, pets, music, sports, etc. Before you know it, we’ve all gained a new trusted friend. If all goes well, they invite me back to “stay” for a week or two, or three while together, we create their ideal home environment.  So, go ahead and invite me over. I LOVE MY WORK and YOU WILL TOO! 


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